“Bob and Barb were referred by a neighbor and we have been using their services for better than five years. We also use their services at our rental house. I would highly recommend to anyone the professional pest management  services that they offer. We have tried other services with different people showing up every month and we feel comfortable with Bob."
“Bob and Barb are very conscientious and  do a great job of taking care of their customers. They are friendly, accommodating, and very trustworthy. Their prices are reasonable, and they do a very good job, while also treating household pests with an eye to the environment. I’d recommend them to anyone."
“We’ve been a client of Bob’s for nearly 15 years.  I tried the “regular" big guys, but I didn’t like the results or the price. Bob is efficient, uses pet- and human-friendly products (we have 3 cats), and is always pleasant and fun to talk to. He explains everything and answers any questions with an amazing repertoire of “bug knowledge." I’ve learned way more about pests than i probable need to–and lots of other subjects that he and I talk about. His visits are like have a good friend over. Although I’ve never met his wife Barbara, I feel as though I know her personally. She is always pleasant and accommodating, even in last-minute emergencies. Altogether, I can’t imagine a better pest management service."
“We have been clients of Bob for 20 to 25 years now and continue to feel very satisfied. He comes once a month to deal with the varying problems through the cycle of the year. We first used his services when we had problems with little brown sugar ants, carpenter ants and fleas spread from our cats. Our own efforts didn’t work but Bob handled the ants. Like the earlier reviewers, we have occasionally had situations where Bob has had to come back several times. We have been impressed how professional he is, how patient, how reliably cheerful. When we ask Bob questions about the biology of the pests, their behavior, and the science behind the chemicals being used and their safety, he invariably knows the answers. We think very highly of him and Barbara."
“I have a professional housekeeping business and several of my accounts use the services of American Pest Management for their pest control. My observations are that my clients are very happy with the service that they get. Bob is always professional, efficient, and gets the job done.  Bob also shows up at the scheduled time so there is no waiting around. The only bugs I see now are dead ones."
“Bob has been taking care of the pests at/in our home for several years now. Our next door neighbor recommended that we give Barb and Bob a call, as they had been caring for her home for several years before that. She said that Bob and Barb not only offer a great service at a terrific price, but she also said that they are true professionals and take pride in getting the job done. I absolutely agree!  Barb is always pleasant, efficient, and easy to reach. Bob is always on time (usually he’s early) and incredibly good natured. When we’ve had particularly intense ant invasions, Bob has come back repeatedly to assess and eliminate the problem. Having said that, we almost never see pests anymore! Thank you, Barb and Bob, for excellent service!  I would recommend American Pest Management to everyone!"
“I have been a client of Bob’s for the past 5 years and am very happy with the service he provides at my home.  He is extremely reliable and friendly and offers his service for a very reasonable price. I used to have major carpenter ant problems and spider issues, and since he has been working at my home I no longer have any problems with that or spiders.  He seems to know a lot about all sorts of pests and safety in using his product for my animals, the fish in my pond, and my newly acquired Mason bees. I’ve recommended him to my neighbor who is also happy with his service."